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Dance Costumes

Creating a dance costume is not easy at all..

The sport dance costume is something exclusive and original: a unique creation.

It is a personalized costume because the stylist has to study the dancer’s body in order to enhance the positive aspects and cover the negative ones but, first of all, the good stylist of dance costumes has to be able to understand the dancer’s style and needs, creating a costume that represents his/her personality. The dance costume is “complicit”.. because it has to be able to underline the couple affinity and harmonize the possible physical differences between the couple.

It has to be perfectly custom-made in order to be as much comfortable as possible and follow the dancer’s movements. It has to guarantee high performances because it is usually worn during exhibitions and competitions that can last even for a whole day. This is possible only if the costume is made of supervised, Made in Italy, very elastic and breathable fabrics.

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Ballroom and Smooth Dance

Ballroom and smooth dance costumes collection

Elegance, sophistication and lightness are the requirements for an amazing ballroom dress. We pay attention to the choice of fabrics and stones and to the creation of perfect accessories.

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Latin Dance

The latin costume has to reflect the dancer’s personality and style and enhance his/her values and body.

As we know the importance of feeling ourselves strong and comfortable on the dance floor, we do our best to study your personalities and preferences in order to be able to create the costume of your dreams..

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Dance Practice Wear

The true dancer should always show a smart and professional image, even during trainings and dance lessons.

. In our atelier, you can find the practical and original practice wear collection for ballroom and latin dance, created paying attention to details and to the importance of feeling comfortable but, first of all, considering your suggestions and demands.

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Men Costumes For Latin dance

The man partner should be the right frame for the perfect painting.. the couple!

We are always in search of high quality, new and original men fabrics in order to guarantee an exclusive outfit. We also sell trousers for practice or competition, made of different fabrics. Otherwise, we can create tailor-made trousers and you will be able to choose every single detail.

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Ceremony and Wedding Dresses

Our wedding dresses will make you an original, very elegant but, first of all, unique bride.

We also make tailor-made ceremony and party dresses. Come to visit us or contact us to get a free estimate.

We will be able to satisfy your requests!

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Caribbean Costumes

Caribbean Costumes.

The Caribbean costume has to increase the movement, fit perfectly and be, at the same time, resistant and practical for fast movements that are typical of this dance discipline.

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Regulatory Dance Costumes For B3 and C Classes

It is important to make the difference since from the first competitions.

Maybe it is more difficult to create a dance costume for C class than for a higher class because it has to respect severe and precise rules, that allow to use a limited variety of fabrics. Moreover, it has to provide self-confidence to the dancer who will wear his/her first dance costume. Anyway, FB International will be able to create for you a regulatory costume that will make the difference on the dance floor, enhance your body and make you feel comfortable.

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Product and Accesories for dancing

We create fabulous accessories, perfectly matched to your dress: comfortable and resistant necklaces, practical and light earrings, head accessories and whatever you wish!

We are sale agents for Supadance and Danc’in shoes and we are also able to decorate your shoes on the base of your dress, in order to have a perfect outfit! You can find also self-tanning lotions/creams, professional tights and many other dance items..

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  • Anna Matus e Gabriele Goffredo

    Anna Matus e Gabriele Goffredo

    WDSF Latin Dance World Champions
  • Louise Heise e Umberto Gaudino

    Louise Heise e Umberto Gaudino

    WDSF Latin Dance Semifinalists at World Championship

    foto by RobRonda

  • Svetlana Kostenko e Francesco Esposito

    Svetlana Kostenko e Francesco Esposito

    • Finalists at World Dance Cup 10 dance
    • 3rd place at the European Dance Cup 10 dance
    • 10 dance Italian Champions
    • Latin dance finalists at the Italian Championship
  • Ilaria Campana e Marco Zingarelli

    Ilaria Campana e Marco Zingarelli

      Latin dance professionals
    • 3rd place at the 2016 World championship show dance;
    • 3rd place at the 2016 European championship show dance;
    • Italian show dance champions ;
    • Winner couple in Taipei, Greece and other international competitions.
  • Sara Messina Denaro e Mario Cecinati

    Sara Messina Denaro e Mario Cecinati

  • 2016 Ten Dance Italian Champions
  • 2° place WDSF European Cup Ten Dance
  • Semifinalist of WDSF European and World Championship Ten Dance
  • Top 50 WDSF Ranking latin