Dance Costumes

Creating a dance costume is not easy at all..

The sport dance costume is something exclusive and original: a unique creation.

It is a personalized costume because the stylist has to study the dancer’s body in order to enhance the positive aspects and cover the negative ones but, first of all, the good stylist of dance costumes has to be able to understand the dancer’s style and needs, creating a costume that represents his/her personality. The dance costume is “complicit”.. because it has to be able to underline the couple affinity and harmonize the possible physical differences between the couple.

It has to be perfectly custom-made in order to be as much comfortable as possible and follow the dancer’s movements. It has to guarantee high performances because it is usually worn during exhibitions and competitions that can last even for a whole day. This is possible only if the costume is made of supervised, Made in Italy, very elastic and breathable fabrics.

The latin or ballroom dress is created by following the Italian high fashion techniques, it is carefully sewn and minutely embroidered like a wedding dress, taking care of every small detail. It has to be smart and sexy like an evening dress. All the materials used for the dance costume (fabrics, Swarovski sewed-on stones and stones) are selected and of high quality, as dance costumes are exposed to extreme movements and require frequent washings.

Therefore, the creation of a dance costume has to respect many requirements. At our atelier, we are used to follow scrupulously all these principles, in order to guarantee a perfect and long-lasting product.

This is what a costume firmed by FB International represents.